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The Legacy System – All begins with 1.2

It seems that many of the things we’re being promised for SWTOR will come out in patch 1.2. Unfortunately we don’t have an idea of when we’ll get this patch… it’s not even out when it will be on the test server and we know it will need to be there before it goes live. Here’s some notes I took about the legacy system during the Guild thing they had last week.

Apparently the legacy system was thought of from the very beginning and they wanted it to have some influence in almost every aspect of game play. When it got closer to launch they found they would have to scale back and so they put the bar into place.

Current state – it is a bar…had arguments about putting the bar in because it made them look stupid. The good news is the bar has a purpose.

The “family tree” is updated and decide how all of your characters go together.  They showed some nice examples of this in the video.

When you reach level 50 you can unlock all the species (you have played). Humans at 50 gives presence stat for all characters. Get other characters class buff that you make to level 2 (I think here they mean Chapter 2 although it really wasn’t specified). Chapter 3 you unlock the heroic ability. You can’t do these in Ops or warzones but it will be nice in PVE.

Complete a companion character – like ranged tank. When they say complete here I think they’re talking about maxing out your companion bar. Shorten the cool down and a small stat boost. Additional presence buff for each (companion) one you complete.

More things
Maximizing light and Dark Side – unlocks activity ability for all characters.
Unarmed duels … unlock with valor
Social rank – dancing with your companion
RP packages with social stuff – again this is legacy (so they will be available for all of your characters).
Most legacy rewards can be purchased. Some will initially not be purchasable – but will be later. One thing they said these would be super expensive but they want someone who is sitting on bazillion credits to have something to spend their money on.

You will be able to buy –
Faster fleet pass
Faster sprint – yeahhh go sprint.

Ship things the following are for your ship:
Training dummies – warzone and operations (with combat logs)
Repair droid – buy / repair / ship upgrades (to improve crafting abilities)
Auction House – very high up the legacy

A side note – the max legacy currently is 50. Someone in the room said their guild member was 48 or 49… wow.

Legacy weapons and armor
These will be for the alts you have. Allow you to get awesome gear for your lowbies.
You can mail to your alts. (( bound to legacy )) you can mail anything to your alts.
Unique orange items only available to Legacy.

Coming –

Able to customize your experience. XP buffs for doing just PVP.


When character server transfers come you will be able to do this. It looks like you will be able to transfer sometime just not in the immediate future.
You will be able to use force choke on Republic.
There will one day be able to change the look of your appearance, sometime.
Legacy bank will be coming later.
Some mail restrictions will be removed in 1.2.

Character customizations will be coming (when you don’t have to do any class quests).

You will be able to dual spec (not in 1.2).
Your ships droid will also NOT talk as much.
Companions will not be in your legacy yet.
Cosmetic ship upgrades will be coming.

Wow… lots of stuff coming soon.


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Important note – sometimes it was difficult to tell if these changes were going to be for 1.1.5, or 1.2 or later.

Here are some things we learned about SWTOR PVP during the guild summit on Monday. One thing I noticed was the panel really didn’t want to talk very much about Illum.

They first talked about some concerns they have with the current PVP system. They think the medal system right now is pretty borked. They are going to be changing how you’re going to get medals within warzone matches. In fact they are coming out with 18 new medal types. You will be getting medals for things like making a shot in hutball. For 1.1.5 the medal count max will be going down to 4. In 1.2 the medal count max will be going to 8. The medals will be worth more. Warzones will require a minimal contribution.  I’m not sure if I like the limits for the warzone medals though. I do like the fact you’ll need to actually do something in order to get xp etc., but what will happen when people hit the max. Will they quit or continue to play hard. I guess only time will tell.

There will be some system in the future that will take care of afk’ers they mentioned a vote system, but to me a vote system can be gamed. See a level 10 and everyone votes they are afk. See someone you know can’t play very well vote them out.

In Patch 1.2 a new cross faction warzone will be coming out called Novare Coast. It sounded like it will be another control type sort of zone. There will be 3 objectives and I believe they said you will need all three objectives in order to score points.

Ranked PVP will be coming – in 1.2 I think although some of it may be in 1.1.5 and they will be adjusting things after 1.2. Character ratings for solo and group play. It sounds like getting medals for rated matches will be the new way to go. In fact for the new gear set War Hero there is no mention of having to have any valor rank. They mentioned that valor rank only meant that you had been around for awhile. The way to get the new War Hero set is to do the ranked matches. You can do these matches either grouped as 4 or solo. I think they plan on making these matches cross server although they didn’t really say if this would happen in 1.2 or later.

Gear will be a bigger stat difference than PVE gear. Don’t want to be able to do hard mode operations with just PVP gear. Leaning more toward expertise. The entire stat system will be getting a bit of a revamp – so we’ll wait and see how much they up the diminishing returns curve.

New saber colors. New PVP crafting. Adding expertise crystals. People will be able to buy some things with credits. The entry level at 50 is wider than they wanted.

Future – probably after 1.2

Want to be able to have same factions for all the warzones. They are working on the stories for these.
Help reduce the Huttball only.
Cross-server Warzone Queing – they want to lean toward the same server. You will have the ability to choose which warzone you want. Bracketed tournaments and rankings would go with all the warzones.
Want to be able to que with a group of 8.
Persisting groups through the warzones … I will love this, since it’s such a pain in the but.


In 1.2 it sounds almost like they are going to totally ditch Illum. I’m not sure if they’re going to block it in some way or if they are just going to make it so you get no rewards for going there. Either way they are going to start revamping it. It sounded like at the beginning it was going to be more objective based but people gamed the system and just traded objectives.

They were too ambitious for this, so they will be pulling it out (not as incentivized). Redesigning it to be more engaging and fun. Imbalances don’t make it fun. They will removing the Illum PVP quests. The new stuff will be gotten from ranked pvp quests.

Less randomness about the PVP gear.


Illum redesigned – more feedback. Some minor changes to Outlaw’s Den. Want folks to be able to get there more quickly than previous.

Don’t forget to fall back this weekend.


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