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Companions and When you Get Them – SWTOR

by Bartender on December 10, 2011

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Companions are helpful for a number of different reasons. They help you as you quest in the game either as a –

Melee DPS
Melee Tank
Range DPS
Range Tank

As you progress in your story you will get access to new companions. I’ve found in my travels that you will usually get one on each planet – although this varies quite a bit. You can also use your companions to craft – sending them on missions to get ingredients, or crafting the things you want to create.

Companions as of now also offer some bonuses for what they can craft or gather (although I’ve heard on the grapevine this may change). As of the last beta they still had their bonuses.

When you get your ship you’ll also get a droid you can send on missions, but they usually don’t have any bonuses.

When you fight with your companion you can either let the AI do everything or you can actually mico manage how they act. I’ll actually work on getting a video once the game goes live that details some ways you can manage your companion.

— >>> Spoiler <<<—–

Below I’ve listed when you get your companions or I should say what planet you get them. At the end of the list I’ve put ‘normal’ planet progression. Questions let me know.


Bounty Hunter

Mako (Healer) – Starter Companion on Planet Hutta
Gault (Range DPS) – Planet Tatooine
Torian Cadera (Melee DPS) – Planet Taris
Blizz (Range Tank) – Planet Hoth
Skadge (Melee Tank) – Planet Belsavis

Imperial Agent

Kaliyo Djannis (Melee Tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Hutta
Vector Hyllis (Melee DPS) – Planet Alderaan
Doctor Lokin (Range Tank) – Planet Taris
Ensign Raina Temple (Healer) – Planet Quesh
Scorpio (Range DPS) – Planet Belsavis

Sith Inquisitor

Khem Val (Melee Tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Korriban
Andronikus Revel (Range DPS) – Planet Tatooine
Ashara Zavros (Melee DPS) – Planet Taris
Talos Drelik (Healer) – Planet Hoth
Xalek (Range Tank) – Planet Korriban

Sith Warrior

Vette (Range DPS) – Starter Companion on planet Korriban
Malavi Quinn (Healer) – Planet Balmora
Jaesa Willsam (Melee DPS) – Hutta
Lt. Pierce (Range Tank) – Planet Taris
Broonmark (Melee Tank) – Planet Hoth


Jedi Consular

Qyzen Fess (Melee tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Tython
Theran Cedrex (Healer) – Planet Nar Shaddaa
Zenith (Range DPS) – Planet Balmora
Lt. Iresso (Range Tank) – Planet Hoth
Nadia Grill (Melee DPS) – Planet Belsavis

Jedi Knight

T7-01 (Melee Tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Tython
Kira Carsen (Melee DPS) – Planet Coruscant
Doc (Healer) – Planet Balmora
Sgt. Rusk (Range DPS) – Planet Hoth
Lord Scourge (Range Tank) – Planet Hoth – Imperial Palace


Corso Riggs (Range Tank) – Starter Companion on Ord Mantell
Bowdaar (Melee Tank) – Planet Nar Shaddaa
Akavi Spaar (Melee DPS) – Planet Balmora
Risha (Range DPS) – Planet Alderaan
Gus Tuno (Healer) – Planet Hoth


Aric Jorgan (Range DPS) – Starter Companion on Ord Mantell
Elara Dorne (Healer) – Planet Taris – RIM
M1-4X (Range Tank) – Planet Nar Shaddaa
Tanno Vik (Melee Tank) – Planet Balmora
Bug (Melee DPS) – Planet Hoth


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