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Dealing with Queues – SWTOR How to Stand in Line Less- outline for next week

by Bartender on December 17, 2011

Hope your Friday went well – it is the weekend and with it will come Queues in SWTOR – this is no surprise it is actually the sign of a healthy server, if you never have any queues (unless your server is new of course) then there may be a population problem. It is an art for developers to know when to release servers, release too many and then you will have to merge them later on which is never fun, release too few and … well customers will wait some.

I think some of the max ques were about 2 hours last night. I’ve listed some ideas below for you to help.

1. Know your server and when the traffic spikes – a good tool to use is the SWTOR server list. http://www.swtor.com/server-status


Usually people create spiffy tools that will tell you exactly when traffic spikes – these aren’t out yet, at least I can’t find them. If you do you can leave a comment. Till then you’ll need to learn the patterns for your server, when the queues start – how long they usually last and then work on making sure your game time starts before the queues or when the queues complete.

2. Roll an alt on a server that doesn’t have a queue – I expect seeing some for everyone over the holidays as everyone is off some days for Christmas. This is hard to do if you’re in a guild.

Schedule (probably) for next week.

Monday – Mods and You
Tuesday – PVP Warzone
Weds – Crafting
Thursday – PVP Warzone
Friday – News

Enjoy your weekend – we hope you have a lot of fun and your queues are kept to a minimum.



Heath December 19, 2011 at 11:13 pm

Check out torstatus.net for server population trends.

Bartender December 20, 2011 at 10:52 am

Excellent – thanks very much.

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