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How to Play SWTOR – Star Wars The Old Republic – Starter Planet – Part 2

by Bartender on December 7, 2011

Let’s step back for a few. I’ve been playing games for a long time (since Ultima Online – remember the bunnies and crossroads). When I play games I like to get the most done in the least amount of time. No I won’t ever be the first 50 on a server but I will get to level 50. So here are my thoughts.

1. When playing I like to be a couple of levels higher than the mobs I’m attacking for the quests. This is very possible in Star Wars. Being a couple of levels ahead allow you to kill the mobs faster. Faster kills = Faster leveling.
2. I like to not spend money when I can get the same things for free. I’ll show you some of my techniques for that as well. The last character I had on beta was level 20. He had almost as many hitpoints as my level 25. He also had 40k credits.
3. You need to have good armor / weapon.

With that said….

After you get through a cut scene you’ll be on your home planet. You’ll want to hit C so you can check your stats out. This game is a bit different than ‘normal’ games. Example all tanks need strength. In this game that isn’t necessarily the truth, what you’ll want to do is check your character sheet and see what stat is the highest. Here’s a list of the character types and the stats you want to make sure you max out.

Bounty Hunter- primary stat is Aim
Imperial Agent- primary stat is Cunning
Sith Warrior- primary stat is Strength
Inquisitor- primary stat is Willpower
Jedi Consular- primary stat is Willpower
Jedi Knight- primary stat is Strength
Smuggler- primary stat is Cunning
Trooper- primary stat is Aim

As always endurance (more health points) can be helpful. If you’re finding you’re dieing or your health is always low then you’ll want to add some endurance to your stats. Usually most of the armor will allow you to have more of your primary stats / or more of endurance. So you’ll find something like

Cunning 12
Endurance 14


Cunning 14
Endurance 12


On your starter planet you’ll want to do all of your story quests, all of the side (trash) quests and all of the Bonus kill quests. Bonus quests are funny in that you’ll need to be in the area where the ‘circle’ is in order for the kill quests to count. You’ll want to practice doing this since on the capital planet you’ll be doing it.

Money tips –

DO NOT buy the extra inventory slot. You will want to make it a habit to sell / repair at least every time you make it back to town. There are vendors all over planets. You will want to make sure you sell stuff at each of these. You don’t need that extra inventory slot – it will set you back about 5k. Any blues you find that you can’t use you’ll want to hold on to them. We’ll be using the auction house later to sale those. Do not buy anything. Near the end of your adventures on this planet you should have enough commendations to purchase a nice upgrade to your chest piece.


When you’re finished with the class quests on your home planet you’ll want to make sure you do all of the heroic quests. These heroic quests should be really easy for you to do since you have your companion.

Speaking of companions –

As you level up you’ll get different characters as companions. Everyone gets about 4 different characters as companions. These companions are different types (healers, tanks, range, etc).

We’ll make a spoiler post that details more about companions – when you get them etc. Probably later this week.

Your companion helps you, either by dealing damage or both, so you first want to check what their primary stat. Hit C and then click on your character tab. You’ll want to check and see what their primary stat is and their primary armor type. As you level you’ll want to equip them as much as possible. Many of the quests will give you the opportunity to equip them. As you have adventures with your companion you will also note they will get affection points – or if they don’t like what you’re saying they will give you negative affection points. The more affection points you have with them the more quests you get from them.

During the last beta phase I leveled a Gunslinger and had about 4 different conversations with my companions. You’ll want to watch how they respond to responses within your text choices for quests. You’ll start to get an idea of what they ‘like’ and adjust your choices accordingly.

TLDR on companions-
Check to see what stats your companion has – the stat that is highest is their focus stat. You’ll want to make sure you get gear for your companion.

After you’ve finished all the quests on your starter planet, you’ll want to make your way to the space port and get ready to leave.

More Tomorrow –

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