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How to Play SWTOR – On the Space Station – Part 3 with [Video]

by Bartender on December 8, 2011

Congratulations you’ve made it off of your first planet.

Here’s what we’ll be doing and then we’ll talk more about each step.

1. Pick up the quest for your first flash point.
2. Pick up the quest for your advanced class.
3. Pick up your pvp quest.
4. Speak to all of the Crew Skills folks (DO NOT accept anything yet).
5. Choose the Crew Skills you want.
6. Go to your Capital Planet.

Check out the video below and it will show you how to get to where you need to be –

1. Picking up your quest for the flash point.

You should see an npc with a quest available as you make your way from the starter planet in SWTOR to your first space station. You’ll either adventure on the Black Talon or Esselles. They have tuned this down a bit over the past few builds so you only need 2 characters (with their companions). The last time I did it with 2 troopers (no healing at all). You can if you want group with 4. The flashpoint if everyone listens to all the conversations will take about an hour or so. You should gain a level by doing the flashpoint. You’ll want to pick up the quest and then continue on into the ship – you should do the next step BEFORE doing the flashpoint.

2. Pick up your advanced class

As you leave the elevator you’ll see a quest giver to either your right or left.

You are about to make one of your biggest decisions in the game. What advanced class are you going to choose. While Bioware is allowing folks to change their talent trees but not their advanced class. When you finish choosing your advanced class you’ll then spec in a talent tree… one of three.

So what advanced class should you choose. I have played every advanced class (or it’s mirror). All of them are fun, it’s just up to you what you want to do and how you want to do it. Do you like healing, do you like damage, do you like both, are you running in a guild or going to be solo. Again a tough decision. As of now… I still don’t know what I want to play.

Take a moment to hit M – you’ll see the space station is laid out as a circle. Each section of the circle has different functions. There is a training section, crafting, pvp, the auction house. If you highlight vendors you’ll also see you have different vendors available.

The advanced class choice has gotten better over the builds. Choose your class – make sure you train for the new skills (you may have to hit a tab at the trainer – usually you’ll have a tab for the class and then the advanced class).

Now if you hear any calls for the flashpoint you can join them.

3. Pick up your PvP quest.

Make your way to the pvp quest person which should be in the pvp area. If this is your first character everyone else should be near your level – go ahead and que for a warzone. We’ll talk more about pvp later but it is a ton of fun. The quest will give you credits, experience and a box filled with random armor and some stims (med paks usually).

When you pvp you earn commendations. At level 20 you’ll want to spend those commendations on gear (which is free – you just spend the points).  I fully geared a level 20 and I only pvped occasionally.

Make sure you que for the pvp.

Some excellent videos about pvp, for almost every class can be found – http://www.twitch.tv/taugrim/videos

4. You will now want to venture toward the crew skills folks. The first thing we want to do is speak with ALL of them DO NOT accept anything. This will give us a ton of free experience.

5. After you speak to them all you’ll then want to choose 3 crew skills.

Check out this page for some details on crew skills – how to choose a correct crew skill combination.

6. Then you’ll want to make your way to your next planet which is the capital planet for both sides.

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