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Interview with Gabe Amantangelo – by Total Biscuit. – Highlights

by Bartender on January 26, 2012

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Interview with Gabe Amantangelo – by Total Biscuit.

Rules – drink  every time you hear the word absolutely… yea …shall … sure … PVP .. infer, story


Highlights from the interview –

Will be releasing more flashpoints (with stories).

No changes to current flashpoints.

Currently 16 Flashpoints – 10 with stories – 5 more rpgy. Thought there were too many rpgy flashpoints early.

[blah blah]

They have evolutionized but not revolutionized.

Kill 3 dudes instead of 1.

Changes to characters – balances from PVP to PVE. A class scoring system is used. Some of the data was missed and is now being fixed. They will continue to monitor.

Will Bioware make PVP and PVE totally seperate – not for a long time and maybe never.

Bracket base PVP – will probably not happen. Will have two brackets. No further bracketing without cross server matches.

More Empire than Repub

lic – do they address it or not. Story is first. Didn’t want to limit the side folks wanted to play on. Incentives are being discussed. Not in his pervue. Sounds like they HAVE NO CLUE.

Illum – changes to try and balance population on the planet. They will get to it (will they get to it before all the Republic players leave… who knows). Some servers have ‘healthly’ activity.

End game operations – UI modifications – mods. Mods will effect game play. Gabe doesn’t like mods. Make sure things are telegraphed by the bosses. Some things aren’t telegraphed… will be done in future. Not his department (his boss) could decide they want to all mods.

Certain crafting professionals are essential. In 1.1 power has been brought down. Overall is to have an equal advantage (all crafting / crew skills) – the other skills are going to get buffed.

Legacy system is going to encourage alts… content updates will continue the story


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