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Playing Star Wars The Old Republic – Your Capital Planet – Tips – Part 4

by Bartender on December 9, 2011

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A couple of things to remember / keep in mind on your capital planet.

1. If you log out for the day, make sure you log off in a cantina. You’ll get rested experience which is essentially double the experience. It won’t be much – I think the experience bar is broken down into ten segments or so. You’ll get one of those segments if you’re offline for 12 hours. Again not a whole lot but it will add up. Before you log off you will want to send your companions on a mission (put them to work during your down time).
2. When you’re traveling to and from quests make sure your companion is doing a crew skill… and not the gathering skill.

Example – I take Armor Mech as my crewskill so I can build my own armor. The three skills I want to take are Armormech – Scavenging – Underworld Trading.  I will be able to scavenge during my travels (I’ll be able to gather from piles of trash and dead robots), I will want to send my companion on Underworld Trading missions. I will want to make sure he / or she is on a mission any time I’m not actively engaged with killing someone.
3. Do all of the quests – Story, Side quests, bonus quests. You can accept the heroic quests, if you see someone in general chat asking for help then join the quest.
4. Any greens / blues you find that you or your companions can’t use put it on the auction house. I always put greens at the default ah price, blues I usually double what the ah default is, orange and purple I usually go five or so times the ah price.
5. You will want to que for PVP and do at least a couple of warzones per level (I try to do 3 or so).
6. Use your bank for your crafting ingredients. You’ll be able to craft even with those in the bank (or on your ships safe – which are connected).

Welcome to your capital planet (with Empire or Republic) this is the next stop in your journey. The planets are a little different in looks (Corusant) for the Republic, and Dromund Kaas for the Empire. DK is a city, then you have lots of landscape / fighting in the wild. Most of your quests though will revolve around buildings. In C you will fight mostly in a city of sorts. Don’t let City make you think everything is close together because you will be walking around a lot.

You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the speeder / taxi points and you’ll want to make sure to use fast travel when you can (so get those bind points).

When you land you’ll want to make sure you find vendors you’ll need and your trainer. Your quests will usually be broken down into 3 or 4 parts. Each of these parts will take you to a distinct area of the map. By the time you’re finished you should have most of the map opened up. You should also have your ship before leaving (that’s how you’ll get to your next planet).

You will get the Sprint skill at level 14 which makes things much easier.

The next planet for Empire is Balmora. Usually I like to do the next Flash Point which is Bringing Down the Hammer.

The next planet for Republic is Taris. Then it’s Nar Shadda for both the Empire and Republic and you’ll continue on the same planet from there.

One note these are ‘levels’ for the planets.

Capital Planet levels 10-17
Next Planet – 16-20
Nar Shadda – level 20 – 24

By the way you get the speeder at level 25. It will cost you about 45 – 50k.

We’ll be talking about companions, then pvp next.

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