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PVP Tips for SWTOR – Star Wars the Old Republic

by Bartender on December 11, 2011

Warzones and PvP Star Wars The Old Republic


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If you will like PVP then you will love Star Wars / Biowares version of Battlegrounds or Warfronts. There are some different styles of PVP.

Warzones – there will be 3 to start. We’ll talk about each of these in a bit.

Interfaction / Wild West on Tat – this is  Outlaw’s Den. Anything goes it is free for all PVP – anyone outside of your group can be attacked (this includes your own faction). This area also has rare vendors, resource nodes, a GTN but you will need very careful… or you will die a horrible death.

If you quest normally your story line will take you to Illum around level 50. It is a pretty huge planet with quest objectives and is PVP even for folks on a PVE server. There is no ‘timer’ on Illum so the battle should be pretty continuous. One concern I have is what if there are 10k of one side and 1k on another, then it won’t be very fun. That’s something that we will just need to wait and see. There wasn’t enough 50’s during beta to actually test this out so the following is what I heard.

During your questing in the world you’ll also run into the other side. This starts especially around Nar Shadda. You have ‘safe’ zones and zones that automatically flag you for pvp (on pvp servers). This should be interesting since to me some of the ‘best’ pvp happens when you don’t necessarily plan it. During open world pvp you can also have your companion help you fight. Another reason why you will want to have them geared well.

A few mechanics –

Bolster boosts everyone to the same level in the warzones. This bolster doesn’t give you any of the skills you would have as a higher level and it doesn’t account for armor but it does make you last for a few seconds more if you’re a level 10 fighting a level 50.

Resolve is a way in which the game tries to prevent you from being chain stunned. This is one thing they’ve been working on tweaking quite a bit. If you look at your character portrait you’ll see a bar around the outside of your picture. Each time you’re stunned this bar fills up. When it is full you won’t (or shouldn’t) be able to be stunned again. If it’s full then enemy stuns won’t land. Again they have been and I’m sure they will continue to tweak this during live.

Expertise is a stat you get with high end PVP gear. It makes things better in PVP by bolstering your stats some. I haven’t seen it in any armor that was less than level 50 but this may change in the future.

Valor is your pvp level.  As you advance in levels you’ll get access to more stuff – armor etc. A good example of this is the pvp armor vendor for level 20 gear. There are different vendors for each armor type at their little booths in the pvp section of the space station. To get all the gear which includes implants and a killer earpiece you’ll need about 1400 commendations. One note you max out I think at 999 – so you’ll want to buy a couple of pieces and put it into your vault / bank.

Speaking of commendations there are many different types.

More on gearing from MMO champion –  this is for the level 50 gear.


Gearing – The PVP gearing system needs some work, badly. Currently the way to achieve end game PvP gear is through Artifact quality chests. Champions chests are a reward from the Ilum daily and purchasable on vendors for 200 WZ coms and 200 Merc Coms per 1 box. The Merc coms come from open world PvP on Ilum and from the chest in O Den. The rariry of Merc Coms means that in order to hit the amount required to purchase a box you have to trade in WZ coms at a rate of 3 to 1 per merc com. This basically raises the price of 1 Champions artifact chest to 800 WZ coms (the cap is 1k btw). On the same vendor there are also Battlemasters chest which contain higher quality PvP gear, these are the same cost as the Champions except they require you have Rank 60 Valor in order to open.

Upon opening the chest you will get 1-3 Centurion coms (currency for Centurion PvP gear which is another set of higher quality gear on par with Battlemasters) and a chance at a random pvp gear token that can be turned in for a piece of gear (you can choose the stat breakdowns basically). So you can open a chest and get nothing but Cent coms, or you can open a chest and get a piece of gear you already have. This comes down to RNG and can be rough. I only opened a total of 9 of these chests, 4 were just coms, 4 were gear I could use, and 1 was a duplicate piece I already had (yay companions amirite?).

General Tips

1. Especially in PUGs you’ll want to make sure you communicate. Type in chat when a node or door is getting zerged.
2. Use the buffs when available. Scattered around the maps you’ll find speed buffs, heals, and damage increases. Learn where they are on the map and use them and / or prevent the enemy from using them.
3. Make sure you have some emergency pvp heal pots. You’ll find them in vendors at the beginning of each zone and you’ll find them in boxes you get as quest rewards (or that you buy).
4. See the specific warzone info for more tips. We should have those for you tomorrow. We’re working on getting some maps for you.

A couple of sites –

If you want to watch almost exclusive pvp footage from the betas – hours and hours of it –


If you want some great specific guides you can check out this youtube channel –


Enjoy your afternoon.

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