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Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR) with [Video} – how to craft / manage your crew skills

by Bartender on November 25, 2011

The sites show on the video –



Crafting / Using Mods

Crafting is different in SWTOR – you use your crew to craft. You can send your crew on missions while you’re doing something else. You can even have them craft (up to five items) and you don’t have to babysit them.

== Note==

When you only have one companion, that one companion will be ‘away’ while they’re doing whatever task you send them on. You’ll usually have your second companion when you get your crew ship. Usually this is around

Here are the current skills that “go” together. Please note these are current as of today… they have been changing them a ton during the last few weeks. So if you have questions just ask in chat.

Craft –Gather — Mission

Artifice – Archaeology – Treasure Hunting
Biochem – Bioanalysis – Diplomacy
Synthweaving – Archaeology – Underworld Trading
Cybertech – Scavenging – Underworld Trading
Armormech – Scavenging – Underworld Trading
Armstech – Scavenging – Investigation

Money Notes – make sure you don’t spend too much money (at first), especially on gathering missions. You’ll be able to gather plenty of materials during your quests. Remember also that you’ll be saving up for your speeder at level 25 and the costs for training keeps going up for some reason. Build to build they continue to increase how much it costs.

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