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SWTOR – Beta ends and my thoughts

by Bartender on December 5, 2011

end of the trail

Image by Slideshow Bruce via Flickr

The Beta is over. I was in Beta since October or so. I don’t know exactly how many ‘hours’ I played. I did manage to get about every character type to the mid 20’s. I explored all the the starter planets and got up to Tat. I guess the true measure of a game is if you still want to play it. If you wake up and try to log on… even when you know it’s down. This morning I’m up early because I have Jury Duty and … yep I did just that, tried to log on.

The bad thing is I still don’t know exactly what character I want to play. I enjoy the game play of the Smuggler / Gunslinger but some times cover acts unpredictably.. and I have a good machine / internet and I still think it lags a bit sometimes. I enjoyed playing a Sith Warrior but with him I felt something was missing. I guess I will need to ponder things in the week or so ahead.

Here’s the plan for what we’ll be posting up till launch.

1. You and your stats – many people I think are confused about what the stats mean and how they work.
2. Leveling – the best way to do it and some tips to help you get more done faster.
3. Money – having more than enough when you hit 25 and have to buy the speeder / training.
4. An overview of classes.

Not sure if I’ll get to play on the 15th or not. I’m guessing probably not since my access code was punched in late… when will I be able to tell, I’m not sure hopefully they will let us know this week sometime when we get to play. I’m in it for the long haul anyway.

Enjoy your Monday.

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