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SWTOR … Beta is over…. whew

by Bartender on November 29, 2011

Hopefully you had an awesome time in the SWTOR beta. I played everyday from Friday till yesterday. I didn’t play as much as I had wanted to… sometimes life just gets in the way. I did have a few goals I wanted to accomplish.

1. Make it to level 25.
2. Buy a speeder / with training and see how much money I had left.

I did manage to accomplish both of those. I had about 5k credits left over… after training for level 25. It was kind of funny. This test I played a Scoundrel. On  Ord Mantell there was some conversation. On the Coruscant next planet again some decent conversation. On Taris nothing. Only an occasional lfg for this or that. On Nar Shaddaa again no talking. On Tat I was there only for a few hours and again we had some decent conversation. I went back to for a quest and it reminded me about the Barrens.  Total chaos.

One thing I found while browsing the forum yesterday was a discussion about the difficulty level and how hard the mobs are. It was an interesting question and the Dev asked some specific questions. Once the forums get back up I’m going to talk about it with you. One of the things they want you to do in order to advance is to actually play their character well. You will need to know how and when to use your abilities and not just the fire button but all of them. Again I get the quote from the dev.

One thing you’ll also want to remember and keep in mind as you play, TOR is very gear dependent. Don’t believe me then do an experiment.

Trying to catch up on some of my ‘real’ work so we’ll chat more later.

Do you have something you would like us to cover / talk about / video, then please leave us a comment here or on facebook and we’ll work on getting you some information.


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