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SWTOR – Day 2 EGA – Wave 1

by Bartender on December 14, 2011

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Morning, the first wave for day 2 has been sent. Looks like it goes up to the first week or so in August. I personally think today they will send out more waves than they did yesterday, I guess we’ll need to wait and see though.

I’ve been watching streams that are around. Haven’t really found one that I ‘really’ like very much yet. The highest level I’ve seen is 28 – that is with 24 hours played. Guess that is good for them. They were on Tat and the only one’s there… you know that has to be fun.

Seems like there are many more Empire than Republic. I will be rolling a Republic when I do get in since … I don’t like Huttball very much.

It seems like the servers are holding up pretty well. Haven’t heard of any ques yet, of course the people that have gotten in so far probably haven’t logged out yet.

Patience young jedi.

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