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SWTOR Early access starts earlier

by Bartender on December 8, 2011

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Wow – lots of news yesterday.

1. Apparently there will be an early access that is earlier (I would like to the post but apparently SWTOR is down – don’t think I’ve ever seen a site that is down so much for maintenance).

The early access will start on the 13th. You will get an email when you get to play. Rock Jaw their community manager has been rocking the tweets so I’ll include those as reference – his references have links to the site which you can check out when it’s up.


I feel kind of sorry for the guy.

You will get an email the DAY you get early access.

I think that everyone will have access within 5 days. I think the reason for that is legal reasons. Some schmo will say they thought they got five days of access. So I think everyone should be in by the 15th. That is just my opinion and hasn’t been confirmed with anyone.

The Pre Order FAQ when the site returns –


2. Early access lasts from the 13th to 19th (late) – then the servers will come offline. In order to play on the 20th you’ll need to have your order code. Lots of crying and wailing over this. Other games have given you a bit of a window before you need to put the code in, but that isn’t the case.

So you get to play earlier. I actually can’t remember when I ever saw a date change this close to launch. Only 5 or 6 days to go.


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