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SWTOR – New build and new beta this weekend

by Bartender on December 2, 2011

A quick update here. The new beta is now live. It went live about noon and then the servers exploded. I did have a chance to get my test toon I run to level 11, took a break to eat and then the servers came down.

Here are some highlights –

Some people have commented the build is more stable for them. It has always been fine for me – and that hasn’t changed.
The beginning zones give increased experience – you should be level 10 now with no problem. Usually I kill everything I see on the way. This time I didn’t and reached 10 by the end without doing any of the heroic quests. This is a good thing.
There is now pvp armor vendors for 20 and 40. I didn’t get a chance to review them, just noticed that they are there. This is a good thing.
GTN – still just on the capital planets and the fleet – there is now a hearth type button that will take you back to the mother ship :o) – my old toons I couldn’t get into.
Servers will hopefully be back up at 730 pm.

Beta this weekend –

More beta invites this weekend. Not everyone will be invited. I DID NOT do anything, just patch for the new build. So if you’re invited you can just patch. The Beta will start tomorrow at 2pm East Coast time – and the servers will be going offline tonight.

Patch Notes –

There are a bunch of chat notes – I’ll try to get my wife to type them for me tomorrow, since she types really well and I do not. There were a bunch of them.

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