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SWTOR – New build coming, you will not have to redownload / just patch

by Bartender on November 30, 2011

Happy Hump Day – got a couple of notes for you today and they’ll we’ll start talking about how to do some interesting stuff.

1. Apparently there will be a new build – and the new build is the ‘final’ or ‘live build.

Here is the quote from the Beta Testing Forum –

Hello Testers!

We are preparing to deploy a new build of the game for testing! At 12:00AM CST (6:00 London, 7:00 Paris/Berlin) on 11/29, we will be bringing the all game servers and SWTOR.com down for extended maintenance.

Note to weekend testers: Your phase of the Game Testing Program has now concluded, and you will no longer be able to play the game.

As part of the internal testing and deployment process, the game servers will remain unavailable for ongoing testers after the website is up at 12:00PM CST (18:00 London, 19:00 Paris/Berlin) on 11/29. We will update the stickies in this forum to keep you informed about when the servers will be available again. While we do not currently have an ETA, we expect the servers to be available again this week.


  • Characters from the last phase of testing will not be wiped and will carry over to the new testing build of the game! (Note: characters from testing WILL NOT carry over to Early Game Access).
  • You will not need to uninstall this build and the new patch will not be the size of a new build! (This means no 20GB download!)

We are excited to get everyone back to testing, as this is our launch build and it will include wide array of improvements, bug fixes, and updates! Your participation and feedback are truly appreciated!

Please watch this thread for any updates or new information as they become available. 

So some interesting points –

– You will be able to use the build you have now for the live product – so no downloading thousands of gigabytes. This is good, especially for people that have huge download limits.
– The characters will be available for testing (those you’ve already built). I know this question will come out… will we be able to keep our characters for live, and of course the answer to that is no.
– Weekend testers won’t be able to test this build ‘yet’. You know what though I get a feeling that if you were in the weekend beta, you may actually get to test again.
– I’m excited to see what the wide array of improvements are. Guess we’ll need to wait and see.
– The other bad thing is there really isn’t a date for this build although they did say it would be sometime this week.

Other notes –

Yesterday when the main site was down I was struggling to find some information. Here are some reference links – more so that I can find them easily.

SWTOR on Twitter –


https://twitter.com/#!/Rockjaw – this is for a community manager which seems to be more up to date than other places.

SWTOR on Facebook –


Not many updates there since the beta – but I think it will be a good source when the game goes live we’ll be able to get server updates.

As soon as I hear something I’ll be sure to post something here.

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