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SWTOR – Notes from the Guild Summit – What’s coming with patch 1.2

by Bartender on March 6, 2012

Below is a pile of notes I took while watching the live broadcast on Monday. We’ll work on making things a bit more coherent later this week – probably on Thursday.

Some details from the recent Guild Summit for SWTOR.

More information about the game update 1.2.

New warzone is Navari Coast
New Flashpoint
UI Changes

Open world bosses – coming in 1.2 seems like we already have some of those.

PVP – the PVP panel started at about 4 pm east coast time with about 15k live fewers at the beginning. I think it maxed out at about 18k

Some concerns

Warzones – many folks are playing the medals aren’t currently balanced. I concern with faction balance. AFKers.

1.2 will come Novare Coast (will include same faction). A majority control. 3 points of objective. Need 3 points to get points.

Ranked PVP will be coming – Character ratings for solo and group play.

This is phase 1 – sounds also like there will be crosserver q’ing.

There will be new dailys. Won’t necessarily have to have wins for these new quests. More medals including things like scoring in Hutball, catching a ball, planting a bomb etc. Will be 18 new medals.

Medal rewards will be capped – so you will be able to have 8 medals. Also will be more for winning a match fast.

In 1.1.5 there will be some changes, just not the major changes.

Vote to kick will be added. Players can vote – understand there will be some abuse in this so they are working on making sure that it isn’t abused.

Warzones will require a minimal amount of contribution – people who don’t do anything won’t be able to get anything. This will modify the rewards.

New tier of gear (war hero).

Gear will be a bigger stat difference than PVE gear. Don’t want to be able to do hard mode operations with just PVP gear. Leaning more toward expertise.

New saber colors. New PVP crafting. Adding expertise crystals. People will be able to buy some things with credits. The entry level at 50 is wider than they wanted.

Future – probably after 1.2

Want to be able to have same factions for all the warzones.
Help reduce the Huttball only.
Cross-server Warzone Queing – they want to lean toward the same server. You will have the ability to choose which warzone you want. Bracketed tournaments and rankings would go with all the warzones.

Want to be able to que with a group of 8.

Persisting groups through the warzones … I will love this, since it’s such a pain in the but.


Know that open world is not as popularity. Illum has problems. Warzones are 3x more popular than Illum… duh.

1.2 They will be going back to the drawing board with Illum.

They were too ambitious for this, so they will be pulling it out (not as incentive). Redesigning it to be more engaging and fun. Imbalances don’t make it fun. They will removing the Illum PVP quests. The new stuff will be gotten from ranked pvp quests.

Less randomness about the PVP gear.


Illum redesigned – more feedback. Some minor changes to Outlaw’s Den. Want folks to be able to get there more quickly than previous.

Additional Concerns

Minor character imbalances.
Exploiting – double the team. Report issues you find.

Questions –

Will 8 man teams steamroll others – no it shouldn’t cross server queing should make group v group and solo v solo. Usually what it tries to do is match 2 groups and then fill in with solo players.

Changes to pvp coming will changes be made to diminishing returns with expertise. These will be rebalanced.What is problem with Illum. Issues with Illum didn’t show with internal testing. Some of the ambiance in the area didn’t work. They’ll work on optimizing these issues (no date yet).

Trading objectives. Had to step back from initial plans with Illum – hence why there was a bunch of trading going on. They haven’t solved the underlying goals – which is kills – it sounds like they want Illum to be more objective focused than just kill x number of badguys.

Allies and Adversaries – Will they be able to use this. Will Bounties be able to be added. Would love to have a bounty system – they desire it and won’t it but have no cool.

Is a roadmap for the guilds for the adversaries – not close in the future but sometime.

Will you be able to pick warzones for 8 v 8 – team vs team that you pick. Warzone challenges. Won’t be in 1.2 but may be in a future patch.

Battlemaster progression – Valor rank 60 – only way to do it is get bags. You only want to get the wins. This takes away the incentive to perform. How you rank you will be able to purchase them (for the Hero gear) – how well you do in a warzone… not just if you win or not.

This was a little confusing – Performing in ranked warzones.

Valor rank for battlemaster was a temporary measure – it measures how much you participate, not how good you are in it.

How can you maintain a large pvp guild with only 8 man content. He stumbled on the answer to this one. Sounds like they may have some plans for this in the future.

Illum wasn’t meant to be a large RVR system. … again lame answer.

Guild Vs Guild PVP – not coming yet – want to do large pvp matches / Illum redesign.

Valor = how long you’ve been pvping.

Tab targetting is in the ‘work’s better tab targetting.

Want to have larger “boxes” labels to make things easier in pvp…

Auto facing in PVP – someone was against it. Most of the room was against the auto face. Gabe likes the current way you have to face the target… I do to. This makes you have a bit of skill.

Best in slot gear – will be from ranked warzones. You will be able to slot things into your custom (orange) gear.

Will tank stats be made to help with PVP – if you give up defense and take more damage – need to stack accurach (( hint )) especially for snipers.

Rebalancing of stats in 1.2

PVP daily quests – ranked warzone commendations will be allowed. There will be a change from daily quests to the pursuit of ranked commendations which they said you could get no matter what your rank was.

There will be later something for real open world pvp – killing people when you’re walking around the world.

Thus ends the pvp discussion and question session.

The Legacy System – All begins with 1.2

Started out as a family tree. Created as a labor of love. The legacy system touched everything. They decided to pull the legacy system out at launch. Now the wait is almost over.

Current state – it is a bar…had arguements about putting the bar in because it made them look stupid. The good news is the bar has a purpose.

The “family tree” is updated and decide how all of your characters go together.

Reach level 50 you can unlock all the species. Humans at 50 gives presence stat for all characters. Get other characters class buff that you make to level 2. Chapter 3 you unlock the heroic ability. (you can’t take them into ops or warzones). Will be pretty cool for PVE.

Complete a companion character – like ranged tank. Shorter cooldown and a small stat boost. Additional presence buff for each one you complete.

Maximizing light and Dark Side – unlocks activity ability for all characters.

Unarmed duels … unlock with valor
Social rank – dancing with your companion
RP packages with social stuff – again this is legacy (so they will be available for all of your characters).

Most legacy rewards can be purchased. Some will initially not be purchasable – but will be later.

They want these available for people for just have lots of cash and not just 50 alts.

Can buy –
Faster fleet pass
Faster sprint

Ship things

Training dummies – warzone and operations (with combat logs)
Repair droid – buy / repair / ship upgrades (to improve crafting abilities)
Auction House – very high up the legacy

Legacy weapons and armor
These will be for the alts you have. Allow you to get awesome gear for your lowbies.

You can mail to your alts. (( bound to legacy )) you can mail anything to your alts.

Unique orange items only available to Legacy.

Coming –

Able to customize your experience. XP buffs for doing just PVP.


When character server transfers come you will be able to do this. It looks like you will be able to transfer sometime just not in the immediate future.

You will be able to use force choke on Republic.

There will one day be able to change the look of your appearance, sometime.

Legacy bank will be coming later.

Some mail restrictions will be removed in 1.2.

Character customizations will be coming (when you don’t have to do any class quests).

You will be able to dual spec (not in 1.2).
Your ships droid will also NOT talk as much.
Companions will not be in your legacy yet.
Cosmetic ship upgrades will be coming.

Economy and Crew Skills – please note I was eating during this presentation so not many notes

Need more Bioanalysis

80% of people have less than 400k credits

The Guild Bit –

Being a guild leader is a thankless job. They are keeping others invested and engaged in the game. They want to make SWTOR the best game to run a guild in.

Want to change the UI to make the guild easier to run / work with.
Guilds want coordination.
Guilds want to be able to toot their horn.

Guild Banks in 1.2
Up to 7 bank tabs for your guild.
Guild banks was / is the hardest feature for 1.2.
You can decide players can take out cash or items and what level. You can repair from the guild bank. Each Guild ledger can see who puts in and who puts out.

Post patch 1.2

On the horizon.
Guild Calendar – able to create events. Ability to share these with others.
Guild emblem on armor.
Guild Advertising – being able to advertise guild inside the game space.

“Want’s to help people find a guild they are satisfied with”

Guild Progression.
Guild Capital Ships – long way off – a pet project

Questions –

A guild mail basis / a newsletter / update type thing. Answer – the guild calendar may be able to do that. They are also worried about the spam factor.

What type of Guild Interface are they thinking about improvements.

Are you going to get an offline approval thing for the Guilds – like they had for prelaunch. Answer – maybe but not soon.

You are also able to respec from the banks.

Any chance to see kicks, invites, activity. Want to do it so it would be visible inside and outside of the game.

Guild vs Guild Warzones. Perhaps.

The UI / Customization – demo shown of the new UI in action

Target of Target is in 1.2

More new 1.2

Unity of Chest Color
More Daily Quests
High Resolution Textures
Dual / Multi Spec – doing at lease Dual Spec. The first part, switching between skill trees. NOT COMING IN 1.2
MORE STORY – this year

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