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SWTOR – Patch 1.1.1 – the Sage / Scoundrel Nerf – Delay Fix

by Bartender on January 31, 2012

Today patch 1.1.1 came out for SWTOR. The patch was pretty small – took less than a minute to download and install. The launcher was updated.

Patch notes can be found here –


Couple of things. Sage and Scoundrel had a couple of abilities nerfed. It’s hard to say exactly how hard these will hurt. They have been on the test server for a bit, but no one is really 50 there… so I guess we will be able to tell in the next few weeks how things are going.

Some complaints about populations going down for many servers. They also claimed they fixed the delay / crazy ability things, but already some comments on the forums they haven’t been fixed.

One thing the patch claims to fix is not getting credit for warzones. This is a biggy. Especially if you’re on a losing streak and finally win a warzone and it doesn’t count for the quest.

Enjoy your day!

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