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SWTOR Patch 1.2 – What’s coming in the patch (we think)

by Bartender on February 28, 2012

There have been a ton of this is coming out with Patch 1.2 posts. No date has actually been given for this supper patch. Rumers abound that it will probably happen in the Spring. Know something we missed please make sure to leave us a comment below or on Google +. Also what would you like to see in this patch.

Additions in patch 1.2

These are some of the additions in SWTOR for the “super” patch 1.2. Some of these changes we’ve been wanting since beta…

New animations for some of the spells (like mortar volley).

Speeders may be used in the orbital stations (instead of running like we do now).

Crafting in 1.2 is going to change a bit.
End game crafting, crit crafting, more recipes, improved reverse engineering. They say they have four pages of craft notes.

Sage/Inquisitor healers are currently able to exceed our intended healing performance at times by affecting multiple heals with the same Conveyance/Force Bending buff. Game Update 1.2 will remove the ability to do so.

As for Scoundrels having no tools for short burst healing, we don’t agree with that assessment. A scoundrel, for example, is capable of producing rather significant burst healing output by using Upper Hand gained from Underworld Medicine or Kolto Injection to trigger an instant Emergency Medpack or Surgical probe when needed. That said, we certainly think there’s room for improvements (and our upcoming Game Update 1.2 has a sizeable chunk of such improvements). For example, we are shifting the healing created by the Kolto Cloud ability to be front loaded in 1.2 to allow it to act as an emergency Area of Effect healing tool.

Patch 1.2, among many other PvP changes, will remove the reliance on daily quests for your gear progression (and therefore increasing the value of the commendations you get for playing a match to the end) and penalties for quitters.
Vote to kick Idlers.
Pre-Season rankings.
New “Neutral” Warzone
Remove bag/quest reward system.
Direct purchase of Gear/Commendations.
14 new objective-based medals in WZ.

More stuff.

New Gear sets
Match to Chest
Legacy System Changes
Guild Banks
Broader UI Customization
New Graphics Options
New Flash Point “Kaon Under Siege pt.2”
New Planet “Denova”
New Operation on “Denova”
More Crafting BOE Items
Removable Armor/Barrels from epic Items
More social gear
Target of Target function
More Balancing Changes

Lots of things are in place “until 1.2”.
Crystals will be given away- perhaps the crafters will be able to make them in 1.2
The colors of light sabers are changing.

Points of reference –

Patch Notes
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