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Tips for Crafting / Crew Skills in Star Wars The Old Republic – SWTOR

by Bartender on December 10, 2011

Image by Vaguely Artistic via Flickr

It feels kind of like the days before Christmas when I was kid. Only a couple of days left. Unfortunately I know that I won’t be in the first wave on Tuesday, but maybe on Weds. I really hope that they would send you an email giving you a time frame… the earliest you will get in is this day, but you could get in earlier. I think that would have made it a whole lot easier to plan things for everyone. You know when you will get sick… etc.

I still think that most everyone will get in the first couple of days… I guess pretty soon we will know and a month from now it won’t matter too much if you’ve had a days head start.

This afternoon I want to give a few crafting tips, tomorrow we’ll give some pvp tips and then Monday some general tips.

I’ve done some low level crafting for several different crew skills.

Here’s a good link to get you started –


1. For this we’ll say I’m going Armormech – Scavenging – Underworld Trading. After I pick up the crew skills and am working on getting a group into the first flash point I’ll want to be sending my companion on Underworld Trading missions. It always seemed I was a bit behind on the mission skills, since the only way you gain skill is by missions. The gathering skill you will get just by gathering on your adventures so you don’t really need to focus on that skill.
2. You’ll want to work on getting some good mid teen level blues. This will help equip folks that are doing mostly pvp. I sold a ton of blues especially those that had crit on them. I always double the price when putting them on the GTN (Global Trade Network)… but that may have been low. I would rather sell stuff though than have it not sell.
3. When crafting you will crit sometimes. These usually will give mod slots to the item, you will definitely want to make sure that you price those accordingly.
4. The crew skills trainers are near the ‘normal’ trainers. Adventures in SWTOR are usually given in segments or areas. You will adventure in a segment of the map and then need to come back to speak to your main story quest guy. During these breaks I would work on training / crafting my way to be able to craft items I could use (you should have enough raw materials), I would break down the greens till I got a blue – build blues, sell half of those and break down the others hoping for a purple. When I ran out of materials or started crafting things above my level I would venture again.
5. Have Fun.

Enjoy your afternoon and see you tomorrow.


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