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Tips for playing Alderaan – Star Wars The Old Republic PVP Warzone

by Bartender on December 19, 2011

One of my favorite Warzones in Star Wars The Old Republic is Alderaan. Huttball is fun, but if you have a team on vent you can destroy the other team. Voidstar is all about crowd control and movement and harassing the other team.

Alderaan is all about capturing points on the map. There are three of them. Each team has two points that are relatively easy to get to them – the middle and the left point. As you capture the points you begin damaging the opposing teams ship. The more points you hold the more damage you do. The team that suffers the most damage first and reaches zero loses.

A good match to watch to check out the basics of how things work can be found at the following link –


Strategies –

Learn the map. There is a tunnel under the center node that you can use to travel quickly to the right and left sides of the map – especially if you use the speed buff.

Communicate – even with pugs. Type in chat whenever you have more than a few incoming to a node. Before the match decide which nodes you want to go to first.

Observe – if you die, watch as you fly in to figure out where the enemy is moving. Communicate where they’re moving / how they’re moving. Use your map to figure out where your team is. If you hover over the little purple icons you can figure out if they’re being damaged – if they’re moving they’re probably in a fight. On the left and right sides of the middle you can also look over the walls to see what is going on. Make sure that you zoom out so you get a good field of view.

Offense – try to draw the enemy out to fight away from the nodes. The further away from the node, the easier it will be for you to sneak and ninja it.

Each side has an equal number of players. If you notice 6 players in one area then they are under defending a node – you just need to find out where.


Defense –

If you keep / hold two nodes you will win. It doesn’t matter which two nodes you hold. Make sure you use the speeders if you control the left or right node. When you die the speeders on the far left or right of your respawn point will send you directly to the left or right node. Even if it’s just you going back over again and again you can hold a node for a while against two attackers.

You only need to tag a player that is trying to cap. You don’t have to kill them, just disrupt them. Again let me repeat – if you see the little blue shaft of light someone is taking your node. Make sure that you watch. Don’t get pulled off the node.

Keep at least 2 or 3 players to defend a node. Use roamers to assist when a node is getting attacked.

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