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Tips for playing Huttball – How to Play Huttball

by Bartender on December 12, 2011

The first map we’re going to talk about is Hutt Ball. Huttball is a multi-level warzone in which teams start on opposite sides of the map with the ball in the middle. The object is to grab the ball and get it across the line (which is near your opponents point where they zone into the match and respawn when they die).

A good map of the huttball arena can be found here – http://www.huttball.com/2011/warzone-huttball-maps

The team who gets to 6 points first wins. If no team makes it to 6 it is the team that has the most points before the time is up, if the teams are tied it is the last team holding the ball. The match normally lasts 15 minutes.

The best way to win is to coordinate and pass the ball. There are a couple of ways to do this. The best way is to get people to stand along the walkways that lead to your goal, the other way that works is to gather around the ball carrier and ‘freight’ train your way to the goal. Again the best way to win is by passing the ball.

I encourage you to practice passing. You can pass a long way. Your target needs to be staying pretty still, that’s one of the reasons why that coordination is key. Premades that are on vent will rule this match but you can do well even with pugs.

When you come out of the respawn site you’ll want to make sure you kill the opponents that are along the walkways.. they are just waiting for someone to pass to them. If no one is there to pass to then you’ll have quite a walk to the goal line.

In the warzone itself there are a wide variety of places to hide, take cover, and setup if you’re a ranged character. If a range character from the opposing side is shooting you there are also numerous corners that you can go around to break line of site.

There are fire pits along the walk ways. The flame pretty frequently but you can tell when they are getting ready to fire by looking at them. They remind me of a stove top getting hotter. The redder they are the sooner the fire will erupt. It’s also pretty awesome to knockback someone into the fire… this takes a little practice, but practice is fun right. There is also a trench of ‘acid’ that are on opposite ends of the point where the huttball spawns. These pits do damage over time. If you step in and then out, you should be fine… if you stay in it you will die.

There are some strategic boosts placed around the map. There is a speed buff in the ‘pit’ on each side. On both sides of the pit are heal buffs. A great thing to do is drop down, grab the speed buff and then run to the health pots.

The most important thing to remember about huttball is to practice. Play the match… note the things people are doing when they win. Grab the ball and practice throwing it to another team member. And of course have fun!

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