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Wave 3 Begins – SWTOR

by Bartender on December 15, 2011

And so wave 3 starts. Here is a summary of what we’ve had so far –

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Here’s what is expected / projected for today.

Day 1 Summary: Waves 1-4: July 21 – July 27

Day 2 Summary: Waves 1-4: July 28 – October 3

  • Wave 1 (9AM EST): – First 2 weeks of Oct. (this was in fact wrong) – looks like Oct. 25 may have gotten in.
  • Wave 2 (~10AM EST): – Finish Oct.
  • Wave 3 (~11AM EST): First week or 2 in November
  • Wave 4 (~12PM EST): This one is difficult – the beta was around this time, so I’m pretty sure there was a huge influx during that time… maybe till the 3rd week in November.
Hope you get in, I think probably I will get in and then I won’t have to be hitting my ‘M’ key while I’m watching streams.

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